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Skittle Flavoured Mind

* by INVIV0

Turns out soaking a towel in cold water and using it to sleep on isn’t such a bad idea


Taipei, Taiwan紅貓體啄


Storm Over Tucson, Arizona

John Forrey

Overheard outside my house, two guys

guy 1: “lol m8 do u remember when he had it up to his belly button in the gym-“
guy 2 interrupting “shut up i hate gyms”


GIRLS: if ur at a party and a guy hands you his phone to put ur number into, text REDCROSS to 90999 and he’ll donate $10 to hurricane relief

Lolsi’s Rose Garden by brijome


New parents celebrate their cute babies with a kitty kiss.

I just put some of this in a smoothie with some fresh bananas, mangoes, kale, spinach and clementines.

I don’t have it much (usually it doesn’t taste so nice, but hidden within a smoothie it creates an awesome green colour) but now I think that might be a good idea

Night Chimes by Draken413o

White Northern Lights in Finland

Yay for warmish sea water

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Tranquility grey by Trichardsen

Rocks by Trichardsen

My name is Chloe, I'm 23 and I live in Brighton, England. I'm stranger than I look. I enjoy alternative music, singing and random arty stuff.

I post about: Animals, art, body image, equality, lingerie, skin issues, mental health issues, healthy eating, science, philosophy.