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Chloe. 22. Brighton.

I look a lot more normal than I am. I mainly enjoy loud, fast alternative music. Singing is probably my only talent and I'd like to be in a band again at some point. I suffer from eczema & dermatillomania so you'll find posts about how I deal with this and loads of tips. I am teaching myself to sew. I have an obsession with lingerie and well fitting bras. I've now been named 'bra jesus' amongst my friends. Love animals. Turned vegan serveral months ago. I am seriously pear shaped. I am fascinated by science. Pacifist, humanitarian, egalitarian. I make way too many jokes.

I have a boyfriend and he is incredible so don't send me pervy messages please!

Add my facebook if you live near & want to hang out

Pizza vending machine! :O (In Italy)

Pizza vending machine! :O (In Italy)

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